Hallowell Anesthesia Work Station (AWS)

Hallowell Anesthesia Work Station

The AWS has proven itself to be well suited for both short and long term anesthetic procedures with animals ranging in weight from about 150 grams to 6 or 7 kilograms. In procedures with these small animals the AWS has been used for mask inductions and the subsequent maintenance of spontaneously breathing masked or intubated patients as well as providing ventilatory support for the intubated patient for minutes or days at a time. Throughout these procedures the AWS, with any precision vaporizer, has been shown to facilitate the administration of gas anesthetics, holding the subject in a very smooth controlled anesthetic plane while providing precise respiratory support. The AWS is currently being used on as diverse species as rabbits, turtles, tamarin monkeys, woodchucks, crows, Cooper's hawks, various ducks, Canada goose, snakes, rats, ferrets, owls and even the cat and dog.

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