Moduflex insPurr Ventilator

NEW! Moduflex insPurr Ventilator

It all begins with a spark of inspiration. The veterinary community, with its dedicated clinicians and technicians, deserves nothing but the best. Enter the Moduflex insPurr, your new veterinary ventilator designed by Dispomed with precision and care. The sleek design and cutting-edge technology make it the perfect companion for veterinary clinics.

Modern Design
The Moduflex insPurr ventilator stands out as a highly modern solution, offering advanced features to enhance your veterinary practice.

Automated Setting Adjustment
The Moduflex insPurr simplifies the adjustment process by requiring only the entry of the animal’s weight. Once entered, the system automatically adjusts all settings, guaranteeing precise and tailored configurations for optimal ventilation without the need for guesswork.

Unparalleled SafetyUnparalleled Safety and Complianceand Compliance
The Moduflex insPurr ventilator not only meets but exceeds the highest human safety standards.

Compatibility with Oxygen Concentrator
Unlike traditional ventilators, the Moduflex insPurr operates without the need for a 50 PSI supply. This means it seamlessly integrates with your Oxygen concentrator, providing convenience and flexibility in oxygen supply.

Financial Efficiency and Team SupportSupport
By automating aspects of anesthesia, our ventilator not only contributes to economic benefits but also allows your skilled technicians to allocate their time and expertise more efficiently, ultimately enhancing the overall workflow and patient care within your veterinary practice.

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