VetEquip V-1 Lab Animal System

VetEquip V-1 Lab Animal System

Complete systems include a precision, agent-specific vaporizer; oxygen flowmeter; oxygen flush valve; nonrebreathing circuit; mouse- and rat-sized nosecones;induction chamber; waste gas filters; and oxygen supply hose. You need to add oxygen, anesthetic agent and models.

  • One dial setting delivers a consistent and safe anesthetic level.
  • Manuals include a "cookbook" protocol which can easily be adapted to your facility's SOP.
  • All waste gases are scavenged for easy evacuation.
  • Breathing circuits allow flat, prone or supine positions with head access.
  • Suitable for mouse, rat, hamster, gerbil, guinea pig, ferret, rabbit, cat, dog or small swine.
  • Positive sealing gasket on induction chambers minimize exposure to any waste gases.
  • Can be connected to in-house evacuation, a fume hood or a disposable charcoal filter for complete mobility.
  • Accessory Kit
    Every "Lab Animal System" comes with an Accessory Kit containing a ten foot oxygen hose, flowmeter, oxygen flush assembly, vaporizer, breathing circuit, chamber, nosecones, waste gas evacuation tubing and two VaporGuard filters.

    Many other models are available.
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